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How can I improve the air flow in air cooled light hoods?

Contributed by: ncg7579
submitted: 5-29-2003
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How can I improve the air flow in air cooled light hoods?
Like many of you, I use Hydrofarm hoods for my lights. I also air cool them using the 4" adapters sold by most hydro shops. Now, one thing you'll notice when attaching those adapters is the "grating" over the location where the adapter goes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that those slats are going to impede air flow. So let's remove them and give a real boost to our air flow.
Step 1. Take down the light/hood and remove the bulb.

Remove the mogul socket by removing the two screws.

Remove the 4" duct adapter.

Step 2. Cut out vent, using a Dremel, Zip, or similar tool. Repeat for inlet vent.

Safety Note: Be smart, use safety glasses and don't do this stoned.

Step 3. Reassemble your hood (mogul, adapters, etc).

Optional insulation:
I use some of that bubble attic insulation (or hot water tank insulation - similar to foylon) you find at most home improvement stores to make an "insulating blanket" for my hoods - every little bit helps.

Building a DIY high output air-cooled canopy.
Contributed by: MoS
submitted: 23-07-2003

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