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MrSoul's Guano Tea Method

-veg mix

1part Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
1part High N Bat Guano
1part Earth Worm Castings(EWC)

@ 1cup mix/5G H2O every 3rd watering.

-flowering nute mix:

1part PSG
1part EWC
1part High P Guano

@ 2cups/5G H2O EVERY watering.

-and yseedlings<1 month old nute mix

1cup EWC/5G H2O every 3rd watering

Soul uses a Tea Bag he got from Worm's Way and lets it sit in 5 gallons of water overnight. A sock, knee high panty hose or bandana can be used as a tea bag. The tea should look like a mud puddle. Agitate the bag in the water vigorously.

See also Soul's Soilless Mix

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