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Is there a faster way to germinate seeds? (Scarification)

Contributed by: NZ Ganja Growin

Equipment needed :
1. seeds ( of course )
2. paper towels
3. air-tight plastic container
4. pocketknife or sandpaper
5. water

I have found that I always get reliable germination results using the following technique :

Method :
1. LIGHTLY chip/scarify outer seed coat in one place. I stress lightly because if you do it too roughly it will ruin a good seed.

2. Dampen paper towels and place seeds on it. Either fold or roll it up so that its pressing against the seeds.

3. Put paper towels with seeds inside into an air-tight plastic container.

4. Place in a warm location like on top of a TV set, VCR, or refridgerator.

5. Open every 12 hours to allow oxgen into the container and check on the seeds. Most should germinate in about 24 hours, but there may be a few that need a bit longer.

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2002-01-31 19:24
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