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What is an idiot proof way to germinate seeds?

Get a jar about 500 ml and some distilled water. Fill jar with the distilled water and add a drop of Superthrive and a few drops of rooting hormone. Shake jar vigorously for 5 mins to mix and aerate solution. Insert your seeds, all will float for the first 1-3 hours and then they will start to sink. If some seeds keep floating shake jar slightly to cause them to sink and keep the jar in a warm a place 78f-86F. Check seeds every 3-6 hours. When the seeds crack open and small taproot is visible plant the cracked seeds in preferred moisten medium 1/8"-1/4" deep. Place the containers with the seeds into a plastic bag to keep the humidity levels up keep in a warm area 78 f - 86 F. When sprouts break surface of soil remove from bag place under main growing light.

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