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Whats a good method of co2 release for small a grow space?

Whats a good method of co2 release for a small grow space?

Contributed by: Free the Hemp
Credit is due to BushyOlderGrower for the innovation.

  • The method uses a bike tire pump inflator as a releaser, and 12 gram Co2 cartridges. The grow area is sealed, all fans are turned off (except for the intake fan, if you have an airtight space) and the Co2 is released and bottled in the room for 2-3 hours.

  • The number of cartridges to be used should be adjusted for the size of the room. Preferably 1-2 cartridges per day for a small grow space or enclosure.

  • The Co2 should be released when the lights come on, as this is when the room is coolest. The temps will rise gradually but not reach dangerous levels if done early enough in the day.
    Photo contributed by: Chemicalburn
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