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Prop-O-Gator root enhancer

By Plant Life Products...

"Causes roots to grow thicker and faster. Creates tighter nodule spacing and increases overall Growth production.

Once roots have been established, apply prop-O-Gator @ 5ml (1 tsp) per litre of water. Second application shoul dbe done seven days later, then return to a regular fertilizer program."

N: 3%
P: 3
K: 1.5
Humic 0.5
B! 0.004
Phloxine-G 0.004

Copper (Cu): 0.007
Iron (Fe): 0.1
Maganese (Mn): 0.009
Zinc (Zn): 0.009

[Editor's note:
5ml/L = 20ml/gal ---> approx. 120ppm @ 5.8 per gallon r.o. water]

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