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Which seeds should I buy?

One of the great things about the forums is that you can ask opinions on seeds and their breeders, but you have to ask the right questions. Another good resource to study when considering which strain to purchase is the Strainbase download, which will also help you decide based on real grow reports from many of the growers who frequently visit this site.

If you want advice on which strain or hybrid to grow, you must include enough information:
  • Are you growing indoors or outdoors?
  • What climate zone do you live in?
  • Sativa or indica?
  • Soil or hydro?
  • Do you prefer an up high or a couch stone?
  • Are your priorities yield and finishing time or quality and aroma?
If you just ask "Should I grow Haze or Romulan?", no one can answer the question without more information.

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